How to strengthen your willpower

It takes enormous willpower to resist the temptations thrown at us daily in a world in which eating, spending, and the sheer colume of stuff is out of control.

Author Roy Baumeister believes that willpower is a limited reserve that is depleted as the day goes on. However, he says you can do willpower exercises to make your willpower stronger, the way you exercise your muscles.

Article about Baumeister’s book: BBC News – How to strengthen your willpower.

2 thoughts on “How to strengthen your willpower

  1. YES! Roy Baumeister is the man! Have you ever read about Walter Mischel’s studies about the “marshmallow experiment? -Eric

  2. Yes, I have read about the marshmellow experiment! For other readers: This is where experimenters left young kids alone with a marshmellow and told them if they resisted eating it, they would get more marshmellows. Those kids who were able to resist scored better years later on other issues requiring self-control, and had better grades and better relationships.

    I’m very interested in the issue of self-control. I used to have a lot of it. Now, at age 46, I seem to find it more difficult for some reason.

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