Make healthy choices easy choices: Promoting healthy societies, healthy cultures

This article is about how cancer rates have started declining in Canada: These are the paragraphs that caught my eye:

About half of cancers can be prevented, said Bromfield. The society advocates for governments to pass policies “to make healthy choices easy choices,” she said. Tobacco use, along with unhealthy eating habits, physical inactivity, excess body weight, alcohol consumption, overexposure to the sun, and exposure to environmental and workplace carcinogens account for a “substantial number” of cancer diagnoses and deaths each year, the group said.

A significant factor in the decline of cancer in Canada is due to reductions in smoking. Canada has experienced 30 years of anti-smoking activism which has resulted in warnings on cigarette packages, higher taxation of tobacco products to keep them from being inexpensive, restrictions on who can buy cigarettes (only adults), restrictions in the way cigarettes can be displayed to the public, restrictions on tobacco advertising, restrictions on where people are allowed to smoke, and decades of public education campaigns about the hazards of smoking. Smoking has not been eliminated, and the changes did not come quickly enough for my chain-smoking parents who both died in their early 60s. However, this intensive campaign is now saving lives, saving unnecessary suffering, and saving health costs.

This is what we need to do for junk food.

One thought on “Make healthy choices easy choices: Promoting healthy societies, healthy cultures

  1. Right, but the cancer article didn’t say a word about things more difficullt to control, like air quality, water quality, pesticdes, etc. IMHO, the article falls in the “blaming the victim” mode.

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